Medium is the Message: Youtube

According to Marshall McLuhan “Medium is the Message”. But seriously what does that even mean?  this three-word statement has the motive to be extremely ambiguous, or is it like McLuhan says “we tend to focus on the obvious”. McLuhan’s way of thinking is evident within his statement. When I first read this statement I was like “OH, of course, the mediums is the message, obviously.” Nope, after reading What is the Meaning of The Medium is the Message? by Mark Federman I found that this was exactly how McLuhan was anticipating people react. However, he believes the obvious shouldn’t alway be that obvious. Here it is McLuhan ideology behind his above statement: “We can know the nature and characteristics of anything we conceive or create (medium) by virtue of the changes – often unnoticed and non-obvious changes – that they effect (message.)”

Medium:  An extension of one’s body, changes and growth.  Anything that produces change.

Message: The change, invention of something new that is introduced.

Thus “The medium is the message:”

My example of this is Youtube it is an extremely powerful medium,  you don’t know how to tie a tie? -Youtube! Want to show people how to do makeup? -Youtube! Want to record your day to day life and make it your paying job? -Youtube!…Youtube allows people to make an extension of themselves.  It introduces and produces millions of new ideas. It is a marketing tool, it is consumerism and it is consuming.








5 thoughts on “Medium is the Message: Youtube

    • Yes, that is exactly my point. It is extremely interesting and hopefully I can continue to make sense of all of it and therefore make more in depth blogs discussing the Medium is the message. With a more in depth discussion on the role of youtube and the consumers.


  1. How do you think this will change with youtube releasing “youtube red” as a paid subscription service similar to Netflix or traditional cable TV. does this change the medium and therefore the message.


    • It is interesting that you mention this, as I was only justing thinking about it. I think it is definitely a possibility that it could change the medium there for change the message by altering its current existence and positioning. It has a particular role at the moment, by making it just like Netflix or Stan where you have a paid subscription it will definitely change things.


  2. Hi!
    I can see that you had an insightful understanding of the definition of McLuhan’ statement, both literally and metaphorically. You gave a specific example as well. One thing to ameliorate your blog, in my opinion, is to provide some remediations (in this case it would be ideal to add a Youtube video explaining the McLuhan’ statement like this one: or this one
    I like how you explained it a lot as its approach is pretty straightforward, which helps readers understand the statement more easily.
    Well done!


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