Trajectories of convergence I: VCR in the torrent era.

Trajectories of convergence I: user empowerment, information access, and networked participation (route) of convergent (the coming together). It has changed in recent years has altered the role of the audience. Media formats and our access to these things have rerouted the way in which we network and source our information. Convergence alters the role of the audience and the interaction that we have with new digital media programmes and its content.  We explore multiple ways to access content and participation in new ways to create and connect, as well looking at the way changes in technology and the industry create new types of users.

18578862_10213177276326821_1347489189_n.jpgWe rely on the new, we have access to an incredible amount of material. Do you remember when you were a child and you wanted to watch a video, like literally a video with tape inside the rectangle box (VCR)? You put it in the VCR player and you rewind it, because who remembered to do that the last time it was used. That is how you got your favourite TV show/movie fix back in the day. Magazines had all the information you needed, who’s dating who, oh my Meryl Streep is starring in that new movie, oh look that dress just doesn’t suit that hair.

Perhaps magazines are a thing of the past. Yes, they still exist and yes, people still buy it. However; we as an audience are heavily focussed on getting the info right here right now!!! Something the magazines just don’t offer. The Daily Telegraph could be said to not be of great use considering the news that you see on the front page, was flung around the World Wide Web 10 hours earlier. Trajectories have changed and altered the process and how we gather and receive information via YouTube, Facebook and over online news outlets. Going back to the previously mentioned VCR and television the role of the audience is more prominent than ever. With digital media platforms such as torrent sites, it has altered the role of the audience and it makes you question, who is the real producer and who is the audience are they even separate given the production and distribution of torrents and the access that we have to them.


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