Bring them here: Protesting Australia’s refugee policy.


Bring Them here: Refers to a petition put forth to the Australian government regarding its offshore detention regime. The way in which these people or detained is unlawful and the longer the Australian Government takes the more neglect and abuse the people in detention must be endure. The Guardian Australia released over 2000 leaked documents detailing horrifying levels of abuse, proof of large-scale abuse, including that of children. The media places such a key role in getting these things out and make people realise what Manus island is. This is the purpose of this protest, to make it known.

In April 2016, the Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea ruled that detaining individuals in Australia’s Manus Island camp was illegal, not long after the PNG Prime Minister announced that the camp will be closing. The government of Papua New Guinea and Australia are taking their time deciding what will happen to those who are still on the island and have still yet to put a date on when Manus island will shut down. Until then we have men, women and children imprisoned on this island, that is riddled with abuse and neglect. Although morally there is only one answer, which is that all those who are detained illegally would be brought to Australia safely. But with Australian Government as it is, the likelihood of such a moral stance would be unlikely to happen in the near future. We as a society have such a broad spectrum of individuals, need to stand up for those of who are not equipped to stand up for themselves. The camps are still open and the government is pretending everything is fine.

Much like the Australia, the American government has its own political downfall when it comes to immigration. They just, Donald Trump as President. President Trump has a lot to live up to especially since President Obama left such a presence, he has intergrity, is intelligent, down to earth and progressive, as well as practical and has genuine empathy. And now we have Trump who is an extremely ignorant bigot, racist and sexist, the fact that all his supporters are aware of these traits and don’t care is a little discomforting. Within weeks of being in office he put a travel ban order in place, the order temporarily banned immigration from six majority-Muslim countries: Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. It also suspended America’s refugee program for 120 days. Trumps administration Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 5.39.10 pm.pngargued it was targeting terrorism, not Muslims and pointed out that many Muslim nations were left off the list. A Hawaii judge, Judge Watson dismissed that argument. He put a nation-wide restraining order in place stopping this ban, stating Trump’s executive order violates the US Constitution. Much like the Bring them here campaign, the travel ban has also had numerous protest.

In society, this is what we must put up with: protest after protest against things that should just be morally understood as basic human rights for any individual—to be safe and protected, to not be discriminated against because of race or religion, to not be placed into a box because of the opinions of a select few. Race or religion has nothing to do with terrorism, rather, it is something for people to hide behind.  Bring Them here: again it expresses the need for the government and the nation to understand how important these lives are, in a country so large and diverse how can we not welcome and support, refugees/immigrants.

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