Power of Networking: Cliffhangers/ Wentworth and networking in todays media.

Do you remember when Home and Away aired 5 days a week and it came to Friday and you are left with a 10-second preview and what at the time felt like a MASSIVE cliff-hanger? You had to spend the next two days wondering what may or may not happen, sixty scenarios running through your head? Maybe there was the odd vain add referring to the upcoming episode.  And what about if you missed an episode. Now, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online news. I mean spoiler alert at its finest.


When you see a spoiler online.

Journalism what is it in today’s society,  people tweeting facts and options?  Or what they think we want to hear? Real news or Fake news, how can we tell the difference. Rather than looking at the more heavy topics, I find it best to stick with the more down to earth low key examples. Like the constant fandom articles about Wentworth, the weekly “integrations”  on Facebook (a weekly interview from an actor discussing the previous episode and what they feel and think about Wentworth and their counterpart). We have notably turned into civilian journalists who become one with the media. Is that good, is it relevant, is it REAL news?




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