The Rise of the Remixes.

18601513_10213195810230157_1180573618_n.gifThere has been a significant transformation in recent years, from a society that is heavy consumers of the media to turned vigorous users and the creators of the content. Creative industries have become tangled in the struggle of going up against and threatened by the rise of audiences turned producers of new material on media platforms such as Soundcloud or YouTube.

Mashups or Remixes are a product of paradigm alterations due to our interaction with the information and how we choose to manipulate it to and for our own and others enjoyment such as DJ Earworm who produces mashups/remixes from a selection of music/music videos looking back at that previous year. We have the opportunity thanks to the platforms given to us via the internet to access and curate our content independently or collaboratively. These works such as the ones produced by DJ Earworm have the ability to gain more prominence than the original material its self.






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