Assessment 2: Sound Project

This sound piece is my own interpretation of George Ella Lyon’s poem ‘Where I’m from.’ When I was growing up my world was often silent due to a childhood illness which left me with significant hearing loss. I paid a lot of attention to things that I imagine others wouldn’t, I didn’t hear birds chirp or the wind blowing.This piece is me remising on my childhood the sound of waves brushing the shore and the joy of running in those waves with my siblings, splashing around in bubble baths, and as a child thunderstorms where so abrupt and often startled me, while at the same time bringing me joy. The overlaying sound that can be heard is my interpretation of my version of Tinnitus (a physical condition, ringing in the ears or head), I was able to use a hearing aid to articulate this sound. The giggling child is my nephew. These are key elements that I am instinctively drawn to when I think about the notion of “Where I’m from.” Throughout the development of my project I have considered Ferdinand de Saussure’s theory of Semiotics (Sign + Signified = Signifier). Although there is not actual visual representation,  one can still visualise the sequences. I also looked at theorists such as Douglas Kahn and John Cage. And found the way sound artist Robert Worby views sound interesting It’s not a ‘thing’. Things make sounds, and things have to move to produce sound, but sounds are definitely not things. When a sound has gone there’s, nothing left but a memory.(Worby 2006) I considered this idea when producing my own work. This is my response to George Ella Lyon’s poem.



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