Transmedia storytelling: Another Prison story.

Transmedia stories: refer to telling the same story using a number of differen18578664_10213176688552127_729978009_n.jpgt media formats. (Television, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google search). It is a process where key elements of a fiction get spread systematically across multiple networks for the purpose of creating a shared and structured experience for individuals enjoyment. Each medium should and does makes its own contribution to the telling of s story.

Okay so let’s talk WENTWORTH, it is the contemporary reimagining of the Australia’s Prisoner (Tv Series). Basically, another prison draScreen Shot 2017-05-19 at 5.58.34 pm.pngma, depicting what a women’s prison is like in Australia. It draws from the original series, although a number of characters are much like their original counterparts, the series brings new life to the original stories as well as new direction. Unlike the original series, Wentworth has a much larger audience base, thanks to new forms of media, people create YouTube videos, Instagram, and don’t get me started on the MEME, and GIFS.



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