Trajectories of convergence III: Facebook and its hardware.

Okay, just in case you have not read my previous post regarding Trajectories of convergence. Trajectories (route) of convergent (the coming together). Do you remember Bebo? It is a, well actually it was a social networking website that was launched in 2005. It was all the rage when it first came out, oh yeah you could put love hearts on people’s profiles, have other half’s, your own background themes. And then Facebook bloomed into the lovely rose that it is today. Unlike Facebook, Bebo had a lot more of a low key and less time sucking roll in individuals likes. The founders of Bebo actually when Bankruptcy in 2013, but had in waited a couple of years would it be a different story. There are more options to choose from, however, there is also a heavy focus on ownership now. Although the ‘net’ was created to allow a flood of free content, companies are now starting to realise finically that option is not ideal anymore. Originally Facebook was used as a way to communicate with friends and colleges on the computer. Today, we have apps the digital kind on your phone, laptop, tablet and even a watch. Facebook can be linked to your phone, email, Twitter feed, your photos that you take on your phone and put on Instagram, will also appear on your Facebook feed with one click. You can even let the world now know you’re having a drink at your local.Let me ask you this is

Let me ask you this is a life simplified with all this digital hardware or when we were without it?18578635_10213177587054589_1719899633_n.jpg



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