Online Presence: Reality bits.

18596252_10213177175644304_509723118_o.jpgThe person we display ourselves as online isn’t always an accurate illustration of who you are as a person in the flesh.

Take my Facebook and Instagram for example, it doesn’t always display an accurate portrayal of my day to day life. For example, yes I did go out for coffee with friends and read a book on sound art and hey I even got my hair done. However what about the in-between bits you know like the fact that I have an extreme skill of procrastination, I spend a shit load of time on YouTube. I mean honestly who gives a crap about me and my housemate procrastinating by watching old reruns, while also coming up with alternative ending through18579127_10213177612815233_1180479819_n (1).jpgout. You see the stuff I want you to see, and that’s the way this whole online presence works. Celebrates to it so well,

Celebrities do this all the time prime example being Kimmy.K, she has a Kardashian empire to keep up with, sponsorships that she needs to be promoting. And to be fair she is keeping a much more down to earth, low-key online presence due to the recent Paris robbery. To round it up, we choose our own level of online presence, our own public persona, it is still you just not the whole you.


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