Nana Talks Television.

10610780_10208559895295181_8172360979184486548_nIt’s a Friday afternoon, I have a pen in my hand and a notebook placed neatly in front of me unconsciously doodling while I listen to the phone ring in my ear waiting for my Nana to answer on the other end. I decided to interview my nana because well she is the oldest people I know, but that’s not how I started off the conversation with her. Oh, you’re pretty old so can I interview you? But in all seriousness my nana is my favourite human, I love integrating her and finding out new things about her life. And to be honest I am surprised I haven’t had this conversation with her.

Janet, born in London in 1940, raised by a middle-class family in the seaside town of Weymouth which is located in southern England.  Growing up she lived with her parent and siblings.  A middle child, with one older brother and younger sister.  As a child she did not have a television, it wasn’t until her teenage years that one was brought into the family home.  As a child, Nanas parents felt that the children’s time would be better spent focusing on their education and extra curriculum activities which consisted of elocution lessons, piano lessons and other varies activities.  My Nana’s earliest memories of the Television exist outside of her home and inside a friend’s home. The Television was a small black and white screen which was neatly placed in the living room in the corner. And would mainly be watched in the evenings.  She recalls sitting in the living room in front of with a couple of school friends in a little half circle while the adults sat in the chairs watching the BBC Game shows and the News but not much else.  However, remembering the hype of it all my Nana never really had any interest in the Television even to this day it does not faze her regarding it as “background noise”. Spending most of her time reading and helping look after varies stray animals much to her Father’s disapproval.

Reflecting on our conversation:

I am probably the most annoying Grandchild, I ask a lot of questions and then from that I ask to follow-up questions, it just doesn’t end.  Most of our conversations we consist of both of us tending to get lost in the conversation and this one were no exception.  I found that we had so much to talk about. We compared the U.K compared to Australia and how different they were and are in relation to the television. Something that surprised me in our discussion was that even as a child my Nana had no interested in the Television, not interest at all, I would have thought only having access to it at a friend’s house would make one, even more, intrigued, but nope not my Nana. I did find it fascinating that the great thrust ration in her life in relation to present-day TV land is Adds. “I was watching the News the last Night Carah and there were 14 adds FOURTEEN, that is just ridiculous!” Although I couldn’t really relate because the closest I come to an add these days is on YouTube and I have ADDBlocker, if only we could have that on our Televisions, hmm know there is an idea. My nana said that she would only watch a show once, and there is no need or desire to watch a repeat again, to pursue this conversation further I would be interested in looking at how older generations navigate themselves around present day technology and how we as individuals and as groups of people are drawn together by what we watch.  It would appear that younger generations are much more likely to binge-watch shows compared to the older generations such as my Nanas.



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