Evolution: VCR’s in the torrent era.

giphy (2)Week 5: Trajectories of convergence I: user empowerment, information access, and networked participation:

Participation (route) of convergent (the coming together). Things have changed in recent years, the role of the audience has been modified. Media formats and our access to these things have rerouted the way in which we network and source our information. Convergence alters the role of the audience and the interaction that we have with new digital media programmes and its content.  We explore multiple ways to access content, as well looking at the changes in technology/industry create new types of users.

We rely on the new, we have access to an incredible amount of material. Do you remember when you were a child and you wanted to watch a video, like literally a video with tape inside the rectangle box (VCR)? You put it in the VCR player and you rewind it. With digital media platforms such as torrent sites, it has altered the role of the audience and it makes you question, who is the real producer and who is the audience are they even separate given the production and distribution of torrents and the access that we have to them.  This week I decided to use a GIF to illustrate my point, this is clearly an evolution of sorts.


5 thoughts on “Evolution: VCR’s in the torrent era.

  1. Very informal post. There is the opportunity within the blog post to include your overall experience within the lecture and your remediation could’ve also related to that experience. You could’ve included how the evolution of media has lead to the rise in ‘fake news’- a topic that was touched on in the lecture, and how ‘fake news has especially risen on digital platforms.
    (If I sound rude then I’m sorry! Just trying to follow the assessment guidelines lol)


  2. I really enjoyed your post and I especially liked your GIF that you created. I think it is interesting to see the transition that technology has taken over the past decade. Like you said, with the change in technology comes a question as to who is in control of this new media we view? Do we have more control than ever with the access of more media on the internet? Or are we losing control of our media as everything is switching to the cloud and media is no longer predominately used in physical form? I have attached an article that is very interesting as it describes technology that at once seemed to be very popular, but very quickly failed as new technology was introduced.



  3. Hi 🙂
    I really liked this post. It is short and simple and gets right to the point without any waffle which is really good because I was quite confused about what to blog about this week haha. I also really like the GIF it fits in nicely with the blog and the aesthetic of the topic. I found this online presentation about active and passive media audiences and how media audiences are changing, check it out if you have time its a pretty interesting read.

    Keep up the good work 🙂



  4. Thats such a sweet GIF! I think it really shows the evolution well. I really like the glitch effect.
    I like how your blog is simple and cuts straight to the point. I think it is interesting how everyone forgets about VCR when DVD comes out and then the same with Blu-ray when it came out. Now I barely even watch TV because of Netflix and how i can watch it in my own time.


  5. Well written, simple straight forward post! The GIF really compliments the topic and the explanation of your post. This weeks topic I found a little hard to get my head around, but I love the first sentence ‘Participation (route) of convergent (the coming together)’.


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