Power of Networking: Cliffhangers/Wentworth and Networking in Today’s Media

I remember so clearly, watching Home and Away when it aired 5 days a week, then came Friday and you are left with a short couple of seconds preview and what felt like a MASSIVE cliff-hanger? Spending the next two days wondering what may or may not happen, sixty scenarios running through your head? Maybe there was the odd vain add referring to the upcoming episode. Then what about if you missed an episode.? Now, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and online news articles, let me tell you spoiler alert at its finest.

Journalism for what it is in today’s society is vastly different from what it was even 10 years ago, people tweeting facts and options or what they think we want to hear? Real news or Fake news, how can we tell the difference? Rather than looking at the more heavy topics, I find it best to stick with a more down to earth low key example, well, to be honest, an example I most relate to. And that is the constant fandom articles about Wentworth (2013), last season there was these weekly “integrations”  on Facebook (a weekly interview with an actor discussing the previous episode and what they feel and think about Wentworth and their counterpart). We have notably turned into Civilian Journalists who become one with the media. Is that good, is it relevant, is it REAL news? The Youtube video below is my own interpretation using Wentworth as a case study of how Cliff-hangers and suspense can be dramatised through the current media and the power that “Networking” just by our ability to have access to these materials is a powerful source. The #Youtube video I made is a combination of #Wentworth scenes relating to Bea Smith and The Governor a representation of the progression and demise of each character and their relationship, this is my own contribution to the Wentworth #Fandom.

My YouTube video: Wentworth Fandom: Bea and Ferguson.




One thought on “Power of Networking: Cliffhangers/Wentworth and Networking in Today’s Media

  1. I’ve honestly never seen an episode of Wentworth, however I have herd about it, I guess it’s a little the same as Orange is the new black! I can relate in the same way because OITNB series are released yearly on Netflix, so as soon as you finish binge watching one series you have to wait a whole year until you get to find out what happens. OITNB is notorious for leaving cliff hangers at the end of every episode and every series. Leaving people to go online and speculate, dramatise and I guess create ‘fake news’. If you haven’t watched it already its well worth it!


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