Transmedia Stories: Another Prison story.

Transmedia stories: refer to telling the same story using a number of different media formats. (Television, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google search). It is a process where key elements of a fiction get spread systematically across multiple networks for the purpose of creating a shared and structured experience for individuals enjoyment. Each medium should and does makes its own contribution to the telling of a story.

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Okay so let’s talk WENTWORTH, it is the contemporary reimagining of Australia’s Prisoner (Tv Series). Basically, another prison drama, depicting what a women’s prison is like in Australia. It draws from the original series, although a number of characters are much like their original counterparts, the series brings new life to the original stories as well as new direction. Unlike the original series, Wentworth has a much larger audience base, thanks to new forms of media, people create YouTube videos, Instagram, and don’t get me started on the MEME, and GIFS. This GIF is a spoiler clip from a big episode of #Wentworth in season 5, I think it reflects this topic well. I used a spoiler from an episode making reference to the fact that due to the advances in online media distribution, it has changed the way we receive, interact and reproduce certain aspects of a television series and therefore we are able to create our own contribution to its online world existence #fandom.

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One thought on “Transmedia Stories: Another Prison story.

  1. Hi Carah,

    The introduction was solid as you started with defining the topic of trans-media stories. I feel that Wentworth was a good example with Australia’s Prisoner, as it is in fact telling the same story with different characters in different scenarios of women instead of men. At a time where equity and equality is in question among society it is important to explore both genders as their experiences would be different. This is essential to painting the story and understanding what a trans-media story is.

    My only critic would be that you jumped the gun from talking about the two shows, in comparison with the evolution of technology and could have given a brief insight or example of this. Although with the word count limit I do sympathise. there could have possibly been a hyperlink for something that talks about the sense of community when sharing ideas and stories online is like the trans-media story of the two shows. Outside of using more informative hyperlinks, I enjoyed your viewpoint about contribution to the online world and a reference to fandom’s. ^.^


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