Trajectories of convergence III: Facebook and simple life.

Okay, so third times the charm, but just in case you have not read my previous posts regarding Trajectories of convergence. Basically, it means Trajectories (route) of Convergent (the coming together). Although the internet was created to allow a flood of free content, companies are now starting to realise financially that option is no longer ideal. Originally Facebook was used as a way to communicate with friends  & colleagues via the computer. Today, we have applications on our phone, laptop, tablet and even on watches. Facebook can be linked to your phone, email, Twitter feed, the photos that you take on your phone and put on Instagram, will also appear on your Facebook feed with one click. Let me ask you this, is our life more simplified with all this digital hardware or when pre its existence. I made this GIF using a confused Judge Judy, a semi-sepia filter and the “Uh-huh Yes the simple life”, which I felt fitted this week post perfectly, I think social media and technology, in general, is a great idea. However, I am constantly questioning myself whether it really does make things more convenient, more simple!

Animated GIF-source (3)


Zittrain, J. (2008) “Introduction”. In J. Zittrain The Future of The Internet And How To Stop It (p. 1-5) New Haven: Yale University Press,




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